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What You Need To Know About
Printable Business Checks

There are a few simple things you need to know about printable business checks. You’ll need accounting software, laser business checks, check writing add-on software, the right printer, and you’re ready to print. Printed business checks and preprinted business checks will save your business time and money.

Printable business checks are great for your business, and they are simple to use.

In this quick guide, we’ll give you everything that you need to know about printed business checks. Let’s dive in.

First, you’ll need accounting software

Accounting software is critical for your business success.

It provides full 24/7 financial visibility into your organization, empowering your business decisions.

While there are many popular accounting software programs in the market today, most of our clients use the QuickBooks® or Peachtree/Sage® accounting systems.

At Checksforless.com®, we guarantee that your laser checks will be 100% compatible with your current accounting systems, including these QuickBooks® and Peachtree/Sage® accounting systems.

Checksforless.com® also guarantees that your laser checks will match your existing system or software title and version. For custom systems, simply send us a voided check and we’ll match it exactly at no additional charge.

Then, it’s time order business laser checks

Laser checks are essential for businesses that want to maximize existing investments into their accounting software programs. These business laser checks automatically track spending, maintain vendor details, and create easy-access records.

Not only do laser business checks help ensure financial accuracy, but they also save businesses critical time and money that matters most. We also provide custom business checks that fully represent your organization, including your company logo and brand colors.

Checksforless.com® has laser voucher checks, laser wallet checks, and 3 per page laser checks in thousands of styles and titles to meet your business needs.

For more details on our laser business check options, please visit our Business Check Formats page.

Add check writing add-on software

Most accounting systems will require check writing add-on software (or a cloud-based option) to write checks easily across multiple accounts, so find what works best for you.

Buy MICR ink

“MICR” stands for “Magnetic Ink Character Recognition” and it refers to the special numbers at the bottom of checks that include the account number, the bank’s routing number, check number, and other details. The Federal Reserve and all banks require that checks be printed with MICR ink or toner for ease of processing.

While most financial institutions read checks optically and magnetically, some lack the optical abilities. This means that if your check doesn’t have the magnetic ink, it won’t be read, and can result in processing delays, fees, and possible financial risk.

You will need MICR ink for check printing on Inkjet printers, and you will need MICR toner for check printing on laser printers.

Note on preprinted checks: If this MICR line (bank account number, routing information, etc.) has been preprinted by a check printer and you are only printing payee information and the amount, you don’t need magnetic ink. For our preprinted checks, Checksforless.com offers a 100% financial institution compatibility guarantee. Our state-of-the-art MICR matching system ensures readability by all financial institutions.
Business Check

If you’d like to learn more about MICR ink/toner, we’ve got your guide right here.

Get the right printer

Now that you have your printable business checks or preprinted business checks, you’re almost ready to print.

The right printer for your printed business checks depends on your specific business needs.
  • If you print a small check volume (and you’re satisfied with slower printing speeds and less accessories): Look at Inkjet MICR printers
  • If you print a large check volume/have many employees involved (and you’re looking for faster printing speeds, more accessories, and more security features): Look at Workgroup laser MICR printers
Want more help with your printer choice? Visit our resource guide.

Now, print!

Your software and printer should guide you through all the easy steps it will take to print.

However, if you want full details beforehand, visit our How to Troubleshoot and Fix Business Check Printing Problems Guide.

This will walk you through the main steps to print your printable business checks.

Order your business checks today

Checksforless.com® is the ultimate destination for your custom business checks and all your banking supplies.

If you’re ready to order your customized laser checks, visit us at Checksforless.com or call us toll-free at 800-245-5775 to get started.

If you’re looking for more guidance on business checks, please visit ourBusiness Check Ordering Guide for everything you need. You can also call us toll-free at 800-245-5775 and our teams of experts are always happy to help you with more specific questions. We look forward to helping you with all your business checking needs!

If you’re ready to order your custom laser business checks that will save you time and money, contact us today!

This article is made possible by Checksforless.com®. For more than 35 years, Checksforless.com® has provided over 500,000 businesses with high quality business checks, deposit slips, and other banking supplies with easy ordering and fast production times; all at the guaranteed lowest price in the nation. Our discount business checks are easily customizable and compatible with over 4,500 software programs including QuickBooks and Peachtree/Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree). Email or call us toll-free at 800-245-5775 or visit us online at Checksforless.com®.

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