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Why do you need business checks
and personal checks?

Personal checks vs. business checks: What wins? The answer is that they are both equally important, and you need both. Yes, even with online payments, you should have business checks and personal checks. Let’s uncover why these are essential right now.

Paper checks are not outdated

Many businesses and many purposes require a physical check. For example, most landlords will likely require tenants to pay deposits and monthly rent with checks. And, some small businesses don’t accept credit or debit cards.

As a significant bonus, personal checks and business checks can help you avoid the costs of processing credit card payments (including the possibility of credit card chargebacks), and you’ll also bypass the grey areas of cash transactions that are difficult to track.

Business checks

If you have a business, you need business checks. Not only will it streamline your financial management process, but professional business checks also prove your reputation and legitimacy. All Checksforless.com® checks exceed the security guidelines set by the industry and by the Check Payments Systems Association.

There are so many business check types to choose from.

Many of our clients rely on laser checks, essential for businesses that have existing accounting software programs (like QuickBooks® or Peachtree/Sage®) since laser business checks automatically track spending, maintain vendor details, and create easy-access records. Checksforless.com® ensures that our laser business checks are 100% compatible with existing software with many options:

Laser voucher checks
3 Per Page Laser Business Checks
Laser Wallet Business Check
QuickBooks Compatible Business Laser Checks

Manual business checks: Ideal for businesses that need a portable way to keep track of expenses, these manual business checks are convenient and easy to use. Essential for businesses on the go, these business checks come in various styles and options, including vouchers. Checksforless.com® offers these manual business checks:
Business Check

Personal checks

Top tear personal checks are a fundamental and essential way to pay people, businesses, and vendors securely.

While cash and credit cards can be more easily stolen, most banks and merchants will check for ID on personal checks. Personal checks are also outstanding for your financial goals, especially if you want to stay more disciplined with spending and budgeting.

Checksforless.com® offers a full range of top tear personal checks to showcase your personal style. With hundreds of designs, here are the most popular categories to choose from:
  • Animals & Wildlife
  • Classic & Patterns
  • Flowers & Seasons
  • Fun & Games
  • Inspirational & Patriotic
  • Monograms
  • Scenic
  • Wine & Dine
  • Value Checks
You can also accent your checks with matching address labels and checkbook covers.

Don’t mix business and personal

When it comes to finances, keep your business and personal separate. It will avoid major headaches you can’t afford, and personal checks and business checks make it easy to keep your accounts organized.

Order your personal checks and business checks today

With robust customization options and many security features, Checksforless.com® is the ultimate destination for your business checks, personal checks, and all your banking supplies. Checksforless.com® has a 100% financial institution compatibility guarantee. Our state-of-the-art MICR matching system also ensures readability by all financial institutions. We guarantee your checks will meet or exceed industry bank processing standards, including Check 21 regulations. We also offer 100% product satisfaction and can beat any lower price on personal checks and business checks by 10%. In addition to expedited production options, we make check reordering seamless.

If you’re ready to order business checks or personal checks that will save you time and money, visit us at Checksforless.com or call us toll-free at 800-245-5775 to get started or ask questions. We look forward to helping you with all your personal and business checking needs!

This article is made possible by Checksforless.com®. For more than 35 years, Checksforless.com® has provided over 500,000 businesses with high quality business checks, deposit slips, and other banking supplies with easy ordering and fast production times; all at the guaranteed lowest price in the nation. Our discount business checks are easily customizable and compatible with over 4,500 software programs including QuickBooks and Peachtree/Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree). Email or call us toll-free at 800-245-5775 or visit us online at Checksforless.com®.

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