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Can A Business Check Be Cashed?

If you’re looking to transform business checks for cash, there are many things to consider first. We will detail these considerations and the best practices your business should follow for business payments. Let’s get started.

Cash business checks: Yay or nay?

Most people cash personal checks easily. The check is in your name, you have verified it’s you, and you’ve endorsed it – making this a seamless transaction.

Cashing business checks is more complex, usually starting with the payee line.

Is this check made out to your business? It may be harder to use these business checks for cash since it’s not in your own name, even if you’re the business owner. In fact, some banks don’t allow you to cash business checks in your business’ name.

While dependent on your bank, some instances may make cashing business checks more possible:
  • If it’s a payroll business check.
  • If you have a checking account with your bank.
Your business structure will also determine the ease of cashing business checks:
  • If you're a sole proprietor, you’ll be the only person who can cash business checks if the bank allows it.
  • If your business is a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation, anyone who is a signatory on the business checking account can cash business checks if the bank allows it.

If you can’t cash business checks, do this.

If your bank doesn't allow cashing business checks, deposit the business check, and withdraw the same amount from the account.

Endorsement matters

To cash business checks correctly, endorse them properly. Our recent article outlines several types of business check endorsements – full, restrictive, or blank.

Everything begins with the best business checks Business checks come in two categories:
  • Laser checks:Essential for businesses that have existing accounting software programs (like QuickBooks® or Peachtree/Sage®), laser business checks powerfully maximize this investment. These laser business checks automatically track spending, maintain vendor details, and create easy-access records. Not only do they help ensure financial accuracy, but they also save businesses essential time and money.

    Checksforless.com® ensures that our laser business checks are 100% compatible with existing software. We also provide custom business checks that include your company logo and brand colors.
  • Manual checks:Essential for businesses on the go, these business checks come in different styles and options, including vouchers. Convenient and easy-to-use, manual business checks are ideal for businesses that need a portable way to keep track of expenses.
Look to custom laser business checks to save the most time and money. Paired with your accounting software system, these checks provide powerful real-time insights into your financial status.

For more details on our business checks, and to determine what is best for your organization, please access our Business Check Formats Guide to see our business check options.

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