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Business Checks vs. ACH
What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the business world, payment is important. Your business needs to get paid to operate, and you need to pay your employees and vendors to function properly. How you facilitate payments is up to you, and while there are many choices out there, let’s look at the difference between two popular options– checks and ACH. If you are unsure what’s right for your small business, we can help you out!

Checks 101

There are two primary formats of business checks:

Laser checks: Ideal for businesses that want to maximize their investment into existing accounting software like QuickBooks and Peachtree®, compatible computer (laser) checks automatically track spending maintain vendor details, and create easy-access records, all saving small business owners time and money. checksforless.com® ensures that our computer checks are 100% compatible with existing software, in addition to being customizable for your business brand.

Manual checks: Ideal for on-the-go businesses that need a portable way to keep track of expenses, these manual checks are convenient and easy to use and come in a variety of styles and options such as the inclusion of vouchers.

ACH 101

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and it’s the process to move money electronically from one bank account to another.

Business Check

The ACH process utilizes a banking platform that requires account and routing numbers, meaning you can:
  • Receive money by using authorized account/routing numbers of other entities to transfer money into your account
  • Give money by providing your authorized account/routing numbers to other entities in which they will take this money from your account and put it into their account
p.s. Is an eCheck part of an ACH? Yes; most define an eCheck as a type of electronic funds transfer (EFT) that uses the ACH network to process the payment.

Checks vs. ACH: What’s right for my small businsess?

At its most basic difference, the ACH system is more of a process that requires a banking platform to issue and receive payments, and checks are more of a payment.

While the ACH is considered to be a convenient payment process, there are also some notable considerations:
  • Potential added risk in giving other party access to your bank account
  • Potential billing errors that may overcharge you
  • Potential overdraw risk if your account doesn’t have adequate funds at the time of the draw
  • Potential oversight in not seeing bills come through, with potential continued payment for services you no longer use
Many small business owners prefer business checks for many important benefits including:

Professional credibility: With complete business customization options, your polished check appearance (logos, colors) communicates that you are a professional and trusted source to do business with.

Ease of use: Knowing how to use computer checks has never been so simple. Compatible computer laser checks save time and money by automatically tracking spending and expenses, maintaining vendor details, and enabling powerful access to important financial records and reports on-demand.

Top-notch security: What security features do you offer on your business checks? This is one of the top questions people ask, and it’s an important one. We guarantee your checks will meet or exceed industry bank processing standards, including Check 21 regulations. Additionally, all checksforless.com® checks exceed the security guidelines set by the industry and by the Check Payments Systems Association. Want some examples in how these checks combat fraud? Our checks feature security pantographs to limit reproducibility, as well as MicroPrinted Signature lines that are too small to be reproduced by a scanner.

Here are some other frequently asked security questions:

Is It Safe To Order Business Checks Online?

We’ve worked hard to make this answer a clear yes. To make sure that your information is safeguarded against fraud, our site uses Secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. Additionally, we use a secure server for all online transactions, have security checkpoints throughout in the ordering process, process credit cards through Address Verification Services, and our system checks for combinations of common elements of fraudulent orders (i.e. changes in the shipping address on reorders; different ship to, imprint and billing information; and deliveries to Post Office boxes and other non-physical addresses). Lastly, checksforless.com® are members of the Better Business Bureau Online, an organization known for its expertise and experience in conducting successful national self-regulation programs.

When Ordering Business Checks, Will My Financial Information Remain Confidential?

Yes. We protect your personal and financial information through Enhanced Identity Lock Theft Protection (double verification) and 3rd party security validation via an independent 3rd party whose certification is the only security scanning technology recognized to meet both the U.S. government's benchmark FBI/SANS security test and the security standards of all major credit card companies.

Can Anyone Outside My Business Checks Order See My Personal Information?

No. checksforless.com® will never share customer information, including names and mailing addresses, with third parties.

A Straightforward Payment System For SBOs

While ACH and checks both provide a payment option, many small business owners rely on customized business checks for business branding, safe and secure ordering, dynamic accounting software compatability with laser checks to boost financial accuracy (great for tax time) and gain deeper visibility into the business’ financial health, as well as maintain complete control with financial payments.

Checks are the right choice for my business; what’s next?

We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our checks, and we are also happy to beat any lower price you find by 10%. Our quick turnaround time is 3-5 days with production, not including shipping time. If you need your order faster than our standard delivery time, you may choose from our expedited in-plant rush services and expedited shipping services or talk to us directly.

Visit us online at Checksforless.com® or call us toll-free at 800-245-5775 to get started. While our FAQ page is a great place to check out more information, our teams of experts are always happy to help you with any more specific questions you have along the way. Checksforless.com® is also proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you order from us, you will get the exact high-quality checking supplies you need for your organization.

If You Are Ready To Order Your Customized Business Checks, Contact Us Today!

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