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What Business Check Security Features
to Consider When Ordering

Your business checks are an extension of your brand, and you want to ensure that they protect your business reputation, allow you to pay trusted vendors, and purchase items with confidence. This is why business check security features business check security features should be important to you, and it's why they are so important to Checksforless.com®. Let's uncover this more in depth to explore all the ways your checks - and identity - are protected.

Everything You Need to Know About Check 21 Regulations

At Checksforless.com®, we guarantee your checks will meet or exceed industry bank processing standards, including Check 21 regulations. Check 21 is a federal law written to improve the efficiency and safety of the check processing system. All our products have been tested to be fully compliant with Check 21, an important promise we are happy to extend along to our customers. Using electronic images, the need to physically transfer the check from one financial institution to another is eliminated. This system places certain requirements on the design, print quality and MICR encoding on banking products; a visual image is included below to best illustrate this:

Biz Checks Security Features

What Other Business Check Security Features Prevent Fraud?

All Checksforless.com® checks exceed the security guidelines set by the industry and by the Check Payment Systems Association. As two examples, our checks feature security pantographs to limit reproducibility, as well as MicroPrinted Signature lines that are too small to be reproduced by a scanner.

Is Ordering Checks Online Safe?

We've worked hard to make this answer a clear yes.

We know how important security is to our customers, and it's most important to us, too. To make sure that your information is safeguarded against fraud, our site uses Secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.

Our SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate has been bought through thawte.com and is enabled for data protection. It's utilized throughout our site on our checkout page, the order submittal page, whenever you log in, whenever you go to edit your account or create a new account, whenever you view your order history, and whenever you go to a form to send us an email from the contact section of our website. All data transferred to and from SSL enabled pages is encrypted for the protection of your privacy. How do you know a page is SSL-enabled? Look at the address bar of your browser. If the URL begins with https:// and not http://, you are on a secure page and you know that your data is protected.

Additionally, our system checks for combinations of common elements of fraudulent orders: changes in the ship to address on reorders; different ship to, imprint and billing information; and deliveries to Post Office boxes and other non-physical addresses. Credit cards are processed through Address Verification Services to verify both the name and address on the card.

Lastly, Checksforless.com® is a member of the Better Business Bureau Online, an organization known for its expertise and experience in conducting successful national self-regulation programs - the Council of Better Business Bureaus. BBB Online promotes trust and confidence on the Internet by advocating ethical online business practices. We use a secure server for all online transactions. We also have security checkpoints throughout the ordering process, such as verifying your bank routing number for extra protection.

Business Check

How Do You Protect MY Identity on Your Site?

When it comes to your personal and financial information, we know that this is extremely sensitive and private information and we protect it at all costs in many ways, detailed below.

Enhanced Identity Lock Theft Protection: To help protect our customers' sensitive information, we will display a unique challenge question whenever you attempt to access secure information on our site when your browser has been opened for the first time. This double verification process greatly increases the level of security in the event your password has been compromised or your computer has been accessed locally or by a hacker.

If you see the correct question (please make it very specific and personal to you so that it isn't easily guessable), you know you are on the real Checksforless.com® site, and the only way you can login is with the correct answer, safeguarding your identity.

3rd-party security validation: The security of our site and outside server access is validated daily via an independent 3rd party whose certification is the only security scanning technology recognized to meet both the U.S. government's benchmark FBI/SANS security test and the security standards of all major credit card companies - including Visa CISP and AIS, MasterCard SDP, American Express CID, and Discover Card DISC security audits and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

Commitment to keeping your private information private: Checksforless.com® is fully committed to protecting your private information. Your information is used to provide a more customized shopping experience and to process orders. We may also use your information to communicate with you about products, services and future promotions. For the purposes of check verification and fraud prevention, Checksforless.com® exchanges information about our customers internally and among our banking affiliates. Names and other information that are received by Checksforless.com® through a financial institution are not shared with or rented to nonaffiliated third parties except for the purpose of fulfilling our contracts with financial institutions or as otherwise required by law. Checksforless.com® will never share customer information, including names and mailing addresses, with third parties.


  • We do not sell, rent, or lease our customer lists to third parties.
  • We do not permanently store your credit card information.
  • You have the ability to control our communication with you.

Checksforless.com® prohibits communication to its customers in any manner associated with the transmission of unsolicited commercial e-mail, aka spam. We use cookies and other technologies to offer a personalized experience. We are proud that our site offers our customers the highest security login currently offered by any check provider.

Visit our business check security features page to learn more.

Backed with Business Check Security, Here's How to Order Your Checks

Visit us online at Checksforless.com® or call us toll-free at 800-245-5775 to get started. While our FAQ page is a great place to check out more information at a quick glance, our team of experts are always happy to help you with any more specific questions you have along the way. Checksforless.com® is also proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you order from us, you will get the exact high-quality checking supplies you need for your organization.

If you are ready to order your customized business checks that are built with safety and protect your business reputation, contact us today!

This page is made possible by Checksforless.com®. For more than 35 years, Checksforless.com® has provided over 500,000 businesses with high quality business checks, deposit slips, and other banking supplies with easy ordering and fast production times; all at the guaranteed lowest price in the nation. Our discount business checks are easily customizable and compatible with over 4,500 software programs including QuickBooks and Peachtree/Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree). Email or call us toll-free at 800-245-5775 or visit us online at Checksforless.com®.

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