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Custom & Stock Stamps

Streamline your operations with our wide variety of stamps for every business needs. Custom stamps are a great time saver! Choose from endorsement stamps, signature stamps, return address stamps and much more. Refillable with a hidden ink pad to ensure a clear image for thousands of impressions.

ExcelMark Custom Stamps - Starting at $15.95

ExcelMark features an attractive, clear mount which allows you to accurately line up your stamp impression. These custom stamps include a unique, reversible (two-sided) ink pad that doubles the number of impressions and the useful life of the pad. Select from our large variety of styles, sizes, and imprints.

ExcelMark Stock Stamps - Starting at $9.95

Stock stamps are used worldwide and help sort documents for easy filing. Making good use of these business stamps will surely increase your office's productivity.

Endorsement Stamps - Starting at $21.95

Our Pre-Inked Endorsement Stamp imprints your banking information in a customized format. No messy ink pads to dry out. Clear impressions reduce risk of mistakes.

ANTIbac Stamps - Starting at $18.95

In our daily life, we are surrounded by many unseen bacteria. These unseen bacteria could survive up to 3 days under ideal growth conditions. ANTIbac stamps have been treated with a fungistatic agent which kills up to 99.99% of the bacteria that come into contact with the stamp. This agent also retards the growth and action of bacteria and bacterial odors. This helps to prevent the spread of germs, provides a safe and healthy workplace and reduces absenteeism due to illness.

Self Inking Handy Stamps - Starting at $15.95

Shiny Handy Stamps are portable yet durable and great when stamping on the go is necessary. The unique design makes handling easy as it can be operated with one hand.

EcoLine Stamps - Starting at $18.95

PET Self Inking stamps are made from recycled water bottles (PET Plastic) making this the self inking stamp of choice for eco-conscious consumers. 77% of the stamp comes from recycled water bottles, and can be a 1 or 2 color stamp with a horizontal or vertical split.

Shiny Heavy Duty Stamps - Starting at $21.95

A distinctive heavy-duty stamp designed for frequent and long-term use. The patent-pending rubber band cover and strong structure are designed to ease the handling of a heavy-duty business stamp. Special soft handle provides better handling to help users to stamp more easily and comfortably.

Security Stamps - Starting at $13.95

Stamp out identity theft with Identity Theft Guard Stamps. Identity Theft Guard Stamps use a special pattern to hide confidential information and is a quick and effective method of identity theft protection*.

Signature & Notary Stamps - Starting at $17.95

Put your signature on a stamp, or take advantage of custom notary public, inspectors, surveyors, and other professional stamps.

Date Stamp - Starting at $21.95

These stamps are perfect when the same message and date must be stamped repeatedly. The die plate daters can be customized to meet your needs or are available as a line dater. The printing die is automatically re-inked by the self contained pad, and you are always ready to make a sharp, clear impression.

Flash Pre-Ink Refill lnk ( 4 oz.) - Starting at $18.95

Stamp ink refill can be used to re-ink our self-inking stamps. Specially formulated to provide fast-drying, crisp impressions, our ink refills are priced right and come in a variety of colors!

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