Utilizing Video to Boost ecommerce Conversions

Utilizing Video to Boost Ecommerce Conversions

How Video Boosts ecommerce Conversions

Most small business owners understand the power of videos in their social media outlets, especially as they see the proof in the engagement numbers. However, video is still under-utilized in the ecommerce world. If video isn’t a part of your ecommerce strategy, it’s time to tap into some new undiscovered potential right now.

Video Maximizes Conversions

In his Shopify article “How to Use Video to Increase Conversions and Sales in Your Ecommerce Business,” Richard Lazazzera looks at video as an outlet to grow online businesses and increase conversions. This makes sense when you consider that “website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video,” according to Marketing Sherpa. Why is this true? Think about how much information you can provide to your customers in a video format as opposed to text. Video can make product demonstrations dynamic instead of tedious. And, you can communicate the end benefits to the consumer in much more powerful way.

If you need more reasons as to why video should be an essential part of your ecommerce strategy, consider these persuasion points that the author discusses in this article, summarized briefly below.

Video Can Improve Google Search Ranking

Google search results are a mix of mediums including news, maps, and images. Video is a great way to improve your rankings, especially if your competition doesn’t use this method. If you have product videos that will be useful to your target audience and prospective customers, start making them!

Sharing Videos is Caring

More often than not, people feel motivated to share videos, not text pages. They are also more likely to click on a video thumbnail versus a static feature that has no visual or multimedia component.

When Engagement is Everything

Think about what you would prefer. Would you choose to read a long product description or would you rather watch a short video with the same information? It’s an easy choice for you and it’s an easy decision for your customers. People today have short attention spans and they want their details fast and painless. Make it effortless for your people to get what they need. Video is also a sure-fire route to keep them engaged.

If You Only Have One Minute…

Go for the big sell with video. Not only can you communicate all the product details and nuances extremely quickly, you can also talk to your customers about why they need this and why it will make their lives better. Video taps into the emotional center of your customers that you need.

How to Create the Right Video

Ultimately, the best video for your brand and your audience needs to be rooted in truth. You need to know what you do and who your customer is before you can even think of producing a video that will be watched or embraced. For instance, the author used BlendTec as an example. What is exciting about a blender at face value? Not a whole lot. That’s why this particular company took a different approach with its “Will it Blend?” series, attempting to blend many (often unusual) items in the blender to best show off the product power. The series of YouTube videos, capturing the element of fun and surprise beyond the product, went viral.
If you are looking for ways to put video into your ecommerce business, consider the different ways to do it:

Feature product capabilities: If your product is better than anything out there on the market, a video will best demonstrate your enhanced functionality better than text can ever do. If people really do need to see it to believe it, give them a way to experience the proof!

Create a tutorial: If your product requires installation or if you have some other related technicalities that are tough to understand on paper, make it easy with video. Your customers will thank you for the time and headache saved.

Provide selection advice: If your customers face difficult decisions on varying selections, make it easier for them. If people feel sure they are making the right choice, it will not only increase your conversion rate, but it will also likely lower the chance for returns.

Increase value: Simply, videos can help your customers and potential new customers feel like they are getting more value, also bumping up the likelihood for conversion.

Start with a simple product video: Without being too fancy, start up the video component of your ecommerce site with a basic product video that better illustrates the features, functionality, size and shape of your item.

Get started: While it can seem daunting to film your first video, don’t get too nervous. Just grab a camera and see where it takes you!

What Videos Will You Produce First?

What videos do you think can best benefit your ecommerce component of your business? If you are already active in this space, has the ROI been worth the time investment?

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