Give Your Customers A Peek Behind the Curtain

Give Your Customers a Peek Behind the Curtain

Customers are always hungry for a behind-the-scenes look into your company. You most loyal followers want to know everything about you, especially information that reconfirms their commitment to your brand and products. If you are ready to strengthen your relationships with your most profitable customers, take them behind the curtain for VIP access.

Invite your customers in

At first glance, it may seem like you have nothing too exciting or groundbreaking to share with people. But remember, it’s easy to be so close to your organization that you lose sight of just how amazing it is. Your customers want to learn more about your inner workings, so how do you bring this story to the forefront? First, think about your chapters. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

How you make your most popular product

Your customers only get to see your finished product when they buy it at the store. But how did it come to be? Think of the process that brought you to this point, and share these interesting tales:

  • Conception. What was the big idea that gave birth to your product? What problem did it solve? Why do people need it?
  • Product design. How many rounds of tweaking did it take to arrive at your finished product?
  • Factory production. Do you have any surprising technology steps that produce your signature look? Be sure to include them.
  • Packaging development. Bring your readers into the crypt where you keep all the package designs that didn’t make the cut, and explain why those designs didn’t make it. Some of your customers will be truly surprised and delighted about what “could have been” with some of your original packaging ensembles. No doubt, they will be amazed at how lengthy the process to the final design truly is.

How your advertising campaign was born

Anyone that has produced an advertising campaign from start to finish, even with the help of an agency, knows that it’s nothing short of a marathon. While putting together your campaign made you want to pull your hair at times, it’s sure to be a fascinating story your customers would love to hear about. Think of all your unique vignettes:

  • How did you choose your advertising agency? How many people came to the table and what kind of ideas did they present? What did your chosen team say that sealed the deal? How have they helped make your product succeed?
  • What did the storyboards look like? How many rounds did it take to capture the right message? Was there any internal conflict about the direction to take?
  • What hiccups did you come across in production? Was there a disaster on the commercial set that you couldn’t believe happened?
  • What was the response from customers after the campaign went live? What unexpected feedback surprised you the most?

Where your heart is

Is there a cause does company supports? What have you done (i.e. an all-employee 10K, building a home for a family in need) that you can share with your customers to make them care about the cause(s) just as much as you do? This content can be produced into a mini documentary series if you do it right.

Let social media tell the story

You always have the eyes and ears of your customers through your social media channels. Take different pieces of your “insider” company profile, and place them across different mediums. Since this VIP look extends well beyond the written word, be sure to film plenty of short videos that you can distribute across your media outlets throughout a specified time period.

If you want to know how people like this inside look, ask them. Find out what they liked the most, and what they didn’t connect with. You can even take it a step further and ask for user-generated content on how they use your product behind the scenes. Then, share this flipside inside view with the masses to get a whole new conversation rolling.


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