Accounting Automation & Software Compatible Laser Checks

Software Compatible Laser Checks

While you look at your business financial reports every quarter, how often do you look at the financial process itself? It’s certainly easy to lose sight of this, since numbers tend to be the primary focus. However, your financial management process can directly impact your bottom line – so it’s best to be as efficient and effective as possible.

To better gauge your current system, let’s examine how you pay your vendors – from start to finish. You may first kick off with your rolodex (either handwritten or on the computer) to find the vendor contact information, search through your desk to find a check, manually write the check, hand address the envelope, then record the details into a manual ledger, followed by a few manual entries into your personal spreadsheet powered by your own formulas. You might even have separate logging books for credits and debits. Does this sound familiar? If so, it is time to re-haul your process – starting with accounting automation and software compatible laser checks.

You simply don’t have time to waste in your financial management process− no one does. After all, time is money and the business world has never been so demanding.

When you bring an accounting software program into your business, you can streamline your financial management into more concise and effective steps. As an example, let’s refer back to the vendor payment process outlined above.

With accounting software, you simply open the system, access the stored vendor information, fill out the business computer checks with the necessary information, and print it. The transaction is immediately reflected in the system, and all of your financial records are seamlessly updated in real-time.

Every accounting system is different, but most programs have additional capabilities for invoice management, budgeting, and forecasting analysis. Some accounting software packages can also be linked to business bank accounts and/or credit cards for payment and appropriate invoice tracking and record upkeep.

Beyond the accounting system, you’ll need to order your custom computer checks separately. At, we have QuickBooks® laser checks, Peachtree® laser checks, and other business computer checks that are fully compatible with 4,500 different software applications. These software compatible laser checks are available in 25 color options with free black and white logo imprinting (with an additional 1,000 stock logos if you need them), and are produced within 24-72 hours of entering our system – all created with top-notch security protection.

Call us at 800.245.5775 or order laser checks online 24/7. Of course, for any financial advice or recommendations regarding your organization, contact your accountant or financial specialist directly since is not a financial advisor.

Business Computer Checks: the Long-term Impact

Your financial records should always be current. This gets a bit tricky in a manual system in which it’s common to put aside receipts, checks, and bills until “tomorrow.” If tomorrow turns into a week, or even two weeks, you have a completely inaccurate view of where you stand.

Accounting software (with its many powerful tools like electronic invoice generation), paired with software compatible laser checks, puts the financial management control back into your hands. When you have a more effective way to generate invoices quickly, send vendor payments, and receive incoming money, you will have a more accurate view of the cash you have on hand. This allows you to manage the day-to-day business operations and pay your own expenses more efficiently.

Remember, to really get the investment out of your software (and yes, it is typically costly upfront), make sure the key people in charge of this process know the system inside and out. With this knowledge, you can utilize the software capabilities to the fullest extent – leveraging accurate budgeting and dynamic forecasting tools – for improved visibility that can increase your potential for long-term profitability.

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