Top Ten Reasons Why Your Business Needs Computer Checks

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Between check writing, manual record keeping, and timely calculations, the time a business spends on financial upkeep could be putting an unnecessary strain on internal resources and employees’ time. A business may also be putting itself at risk for financial miscalculation. Laser business checks can help minimize these inefficiencies and the potential for error. Business laser checks, paired with accounting software, help remove guesswork and boost financial accuracy. Business expenses, contractor expenses, employee payroll and the business’ account balance are now just a quick click and a glance away. This current financial information will not only give you a solid snapshot about where your business is today, but it can also give you the tools to improve your financial long-term planning.

You Need Computer Checks! Here’s Why …

If your company has always used manual checks, you have a tremendous opportunity to discover the benefits and cost saving efficiencies of business computer checks. These laser computer checks can be paired seamlessly with your financial software program to help your organization save money, time, and even help boost your overall efficiency and profitability.

From our printing presses in Portland Maine, has provided exceptional value on high-quality business checks, business laser checks, manual checks and other small business banking supplies for more than 35 years. Our clients rely on our products because of our quality commitment, low price guarantee, fast production time, stringent privacy standards, superior customer service, and unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Over one-half million businesses nationwide have saved time and money with, and you can too!

If you aren’t sure if computer checks are right for your organization, we have listed the top ten reasons why they are worthy of your consideration.

1. Brand your organization in a more powerful way. When it comes to your company’s brand, every facet of your image needs to be on-point and on-message. This includes all design collateral, from your website to your computer checks., with its extensive personalization options, makes it possible for you to reinforce and project your brand in your business checks. In fact, we produce our blank computer checks in 25 different colors (no fees for “premium” colors or styles), offer many different fonts and style applications, and have over 1,000 stock logos to select from. If you’d like to imprint your company logo in black and white, we do this free of charge. However, if you want your company logo in color, we can easily prepare a custom quote for you and start this process.

Professional checks are just as important as your business card. It is a clear vehicle of brand representation, and it should reflect your own commitment to quality. can also brand other banking materials such as pre-printed deposit slips and envelopes. Remember, appearance is incredibly important in the business world, especially if you are asking your own clients to rely on your expertise and attention to detail.

2. Maximize the existing investment of your financial accounting software. If you have leading software programs like Peachtree® and QuickBooks® in place, you already know just how beneficial these systems are to your business. Your spending is tracked electronically for your records and these entries are easy to access at a later date; an added bonus for tax time. With access to your vendor profiles, categorized expenses, and invoice creation in one place, your business can stay organized. Computer checks further help you utilize these programs to their fullest potential. This easy to implement computer checks process helps you get more from your existing accounting software tools. business computer checks are compatible with over 4,500 different accounting software programs. We also have the capabilities to match custom systems and design your software layout or imprint free of charge.

3. Minimize the administrative time and inefficiencies in your organization. The goal of any business is to be profitable. At the end of the day, you want your employees and your products to generate revenue. While this is true, many organizations utilize their internal resources inefficiently. Specifically, valuable time is wasted on financial record keeping. Manual calculations, handwritten financial ledgers, and expense spreadsheets can all drain the productivity and profitability of an organization. Laser checks, paired with your existing financial software system, can easily eliminate these inefficiencies. Affordable to produce, laser computer checks, can be created quickly and records are updated immediately, helping you utilize staff hours more profitably.

4. Decrease the potential for financial error and loss of critical files. If your business has ever experienced a financial reporting error, you know how embarrassing and costly this can be. When it comes to handwritten ledgers and human calculations, error is a constant possibility. Accounting software and computer checks are designed to minimize the risk for error. All information, including vendor profiles and updated spending figures, are easily accessed through your computer. While nothing is ever 100% error free, your software will help minimize the potential for financial mistakes. Additionally, paper files run the risk of being lost or destroyed. Accounting software is easily backed up and critical financial data is protected.

5. Improve the accuracy of your financial planning. In today’s economy, financial planning has never been so important. Companies require a clear snapshot of their financial health to help forecast spending and income. Utilization of timely and accurate data generated by your financial software program (with all of your computer checks digitally tracked), gives you a better suite of financial planning tools. Goal planning using the most accurate information gives your business an advantage. Computer checks can help extend that advantage and provide you with one more proactive and timely instrument to manage your finances and organizational planning.

6. Manage multiple accounts more effectively. If you have a complex billing structure or manage multiple accounts, computer checks can help you streamline this process more effectively. If your current billing process requires you to look through handwritten address and contact books each time you write a check, there is a better way to do this. Within your accounting software program, you can easily access and sort through your different vendors and make payments quickly and easily.

7. Ensure banking acceptance. guarantees that we will meet or exceed industry bank processing standards. This includes Check 21 regulations. We are also part of the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA). When you use our products, you have the assurance that they will be in complete compliance for all of your checking needs.

8. Save money on checking supplies. Having large volumes of pre-printed traditional checks on hand can be expensive, especially if you are unsure of how quickly you will use them. You can order computer checks in the formats you need (i.e. laser voucher checks, laser wallet checks, multiple laser checks per page) and the quantities you require whenever you need them. In addition, manual business checks pricing and quantity information is available online.

9. Guarantee privacy and safety with sensitive financial data. At, we guarantee to treat your banking and personal information with the highest security. Whether it’s our proprietary ID LOCK, double verification, identity confirmation system, encrypted SSL order servers or our standard in plant security procedures, your data is safe with We never share your personal banking information with anyone. For more information, we invite you to review our privacy policy for complete details.

10. Receive your checking materials quickly and conveniently. Sometimes you know when you need more checks ahead of time, and sometimes you realize it as you are writing your last check. At, we can handle either scenario. As soon as your order enters our system, we will mail it to you within 24-72 hours. If you are in a pinch, we offer in-plant rushes and expedited shipping services. You can order all of your small banking materials easily online, over the phone, or via fax.

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If you would like to discuss any of these benefits more in-depth, or have any additional questions that relate to your business, talk to us. Our staff is trained extensively for over 200 hours on our computer checks and order entry system. This is also a great opportunity to discuss your needs around your custom systems or more specific requests.


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