Should You Have Themed Days on Your Social Media Posts?

Should You Have Themed Days on Your Social Media Posts?

Does a business truly exist without social media? In today’s media-rich reality, the answer is a big fat no.

How you utilize your social media platforms is just as important. If you are looking to expand your reach, themed social media days may just be the tactic you’re looking for. If this is new to you, don’t worry. With the right hashtags and great content, you can reach new prospects in a big way! Learn more …

Hashtags Are #everything

Before we delve into the world of hashtags and themed days, make sure your social media pages are engaging. After all, what’s the point of driving people to your brand if you aren’t telling the best and most complete story? Once your page is populated with great posts and visuals, it’s time to leverage the day of the week!

People on social media, especially Instagram, have pretty specific interests and they look for the desired content through hashtags to quickly find what they are looking for. There are a variety of hashtags such as location-based (ideal for small businesses looking to increase foot traffic), custom hashtags, industry hashtags, and daily hashtags.

The daily hashtags are exactly what Kristen McCormick details in her ThriveHive blog article “50 Hashtags to Use For Every Day of the Week.” Before some examples are included below (a small snippet from the big list), it’s important to understand the power of these daily hashtags. These tags are critical to help people find you, especially if they are established themes. If someone is performing a search for this specific tag, they may come across you for the very first time and immediately become a lifelong customer and brand advocate.

While it’s easy to go “hashtag happy,” remember to hold yourself back and only use the tags that are appropriate for your brand and products! To get started, consider this list (taken from the article) to get your wheels turning.


#MarketingMonday (A great time to share marketing resources to your audience)
#MotivationalMonday (People love motivational quotes and images) #MondayMemories (How did your business get started? Share some mementos)
#MemeMonday (Use your best judgment here depending on your audience, since memes are not always the most professional)


#TransformationTuesday (This is not limited to personal pictures; this can be a transformation of your product over the years, or a client “before and after” success story with the help of your services)
#TipTuesday (Answer your customers’ biggest pain points with a quick visual tips)
#TechTuesday (Whether it’s tech advice or a product recommendation, this is a pretty popular tag people follow)
#TopicTuesday (Dive deep into a hot topic in your industry right now)


#WisdomWednesday (This is a great tag to share important lessons you’ve learned, or a piece of information that your customers need to know to improve their own lives and/or business)
#WellnessWednesday (If your brand connects to health, this is a hot tag mid-week)


#ThrowbackThursday (aka #tbt; Let people see your early days)
#ThankfulThursday (Thank your customers or someone important to your business)
#ThursdayThoughts (Get reflective and talk to your audience about what’s on your mind, or ask for feedback)


#FeatureFriday (Get creative and feature something great like your product or a powerful customer testimonial)
#FearlessFriday (Are there any big challenges your business or customers overcame? Share it!)
#FollowFriday (This is a smart way to build your brand through relevant shout outs)

If your audience is also active on the weekend, consider going the extra mile and scheduling posts to run in these off-business hours.


#SmallBusinessSaturday (A great one to encourage local shopping!)
#SalesSaturday or #SaturdaySale (People have the time to shop on the weekend, so give them extra incentives through sales and promotions)


#SundayFunday (Go fun and light here and spotlight your company or product in an engaging way that’s in line with #weekendvibes!)


Do these daily themed hashtags make you look at your social media strategy differently? What hashtags have you used in the past, and what tags from this list are you going to start using? Remember to #havefun with this!
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