21st Century Software Security: Best Practices for Your Small Business

Software Security and Laser Checks

When it comes to the financial infrastructure of your business, you put your trust in many different places − your bank, your vendors, and your employees. Trust may have come a bit easier a short time ago when business took place face-to-face. In today’s world, business has moved online and you may be a little uncomfortable about what this means for your organization, privacy, and financial security. However, there is no need to be apprehensive about diving into accounting automation or leveraging powerful tools like software compatible laser checks. In fact, it is essential to have dynamic financial management capabilities to maintain financial visibility and accuracy. The good news is that you can trust accounting automation to dually provide you with business efficiency and safety.

Make Security a Top Priority with an Accounting Automation System

Before we discuss the details around accounting automation software, business computer checks, and the benefits of each to your organization, let’s first look at the security implications if you don’t go mainstream in the 21st century.

If you currently rely solely on the traditional accounting methods established before accounting software, you may unknowingly be putting yourself at an increased level of financial vulnerability. For example, if your most critical financial records are located in multiple handwritten ledgers, what happens if these books are ever misplaced or destroyed? Are you positive these records are without a single manual miscalculation? Do you know who has access to these books and details? Is there a possibility they could fall into the wrong hands? These are all important questions to consider when determining your current level of security risk. It also demonstrates why accounting software is so essential.

Accounting automation is designed to bring all financial aspects of your organization into one central and safe place. With it, you can access vendor information, view your complete financial snapshot, and have powerful capabilities like invoice creation, financial recording, budgeting, and insightful forecasting. The best security is financial accuracy, and these systems help combat human error. Everything is recorded as soon as it hits the system, and the risk for financial mistakes becomes slim if you put the right people in charge. Accounting software allows company business owners to limit employee access to sensitive accounting information, further protecting financial security.

Achieving Security with Software Compatible Laser Checks

Many companies that depend on accounting software also rely on laser computer checks. These custom computer checks are paired directly with your software system, and streamline your financial management process. If you want to pay a vendor, simply go into the system, fill out the check information (with vendor details conveniently stored in the program), and print it. This entire transaction is immediately updated into your records, without any additional steps. Software compatible laser checks are completely customizable with your company information and company logo.

If the thought of ordering these custom computer checks and sharing your private banking information makes you nervous, you can feel safe if you rely on Checksforless.com. Our business computer checks (including QuickBooks® laser checks, Peachtree® laser checks, and other laser computer checks that are 100% compatible with 4,500 different software applications) are created and sent to you with the strictest security standards in place. We meet or exceed bank processing industry standards for business checks, meet Check 21 regulations, utilize a double verification process, rely on Hacker Safe systems, and ensure encrypted SSL order servers to keep your data safe. We are part of the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA) and a member of the Better Business Bureau Online. In short, we are committed to keeping your financial data fully protected.

You can order software compatible laser checks online or call us at 800.245.5775. These laser computer checks work toward keeping your financial records completely current, which is essential for your daily business health as well as yearly tax-time purposes.

Other Security Tips to Keep in Mind

While ChecksForLess.com is not a financial advisor, there are some general security protection tips that are widely cited online. For example, make sure your business implements adequate internal controls (i.e. checks and balances) to prevent financial mistakes or fraud. Additionally, make sure that you have a trusted group of people handling the financial information, and limit access when it’s appropriate. Keep paper trails for critical transactions (even with the software records on-hand) for potential IRS audits. Finally, keep your most private information (i.e. ID numbers, bank account numbers, passwords) secure. Change your password to your bank website and accounting software program every quarter (or even more frequently), avoid using the same user ID for multiple sites, choose complex passwords that are not obvious, and never share this information. For more specific information regarding your continued business security, please contact your financial advisor or specialist directly.

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