Is Your Social Media Strategy on Target?

Is Your Social Media Strategy on Target

How is your social media these days? Has it been bustling or has it been pretty quiet? If you are hearing crickets, it may be time to fine-tune your social media mix in some very simple ways.

Social Media Choices: Finding the Right Mix

While there are countless “rules” and “tips” about social media and mastering the latest and greatest vehicles, it’s smart to first get clear on your purpose for being there in the first place. The singular most important goal for social media is to be seen by the right people, also known as your target audience. Where do your people live online? Once we have this defined, that’s your starting place of putting together your right mix.

If you are still on the fence about where to allocate your time, consider some popular outlets to focus on. If you are convinced that some are not right for you, it may be important to check out some recent changes to see if it makes a difference.


If this is where your target audience loves to be, you now have more characters to talk to them! This social media spot is especially great if you are a business that often has breaking news to share with your people.


If you have a very fun brand with entertaining stories to tell to a younger crop of people, this is a must-have in your marketing mix. However, this group is pretty hip with the latest Snaps, so you’ll need to understand this platform really well before you start posting.


Over the years, many people say this incredibly popular network has become more business focused, and can be ideal for small brick and mortar organizations that need to communicate with their local base of customers. It’s also a great way to get people in the door, driven by promotions or special incentives. If you are in close communication with your Facebook followers, this is certainly an important component to keep in your mix.


Have you noticed more shopping posts on this site lately? It’s true. Some large brands, partnered up with Shopify, have been testing the waters of shopping functionality on this platform. If this is something that is of interest to you and you have some large products that need this level of exposure, stay tuned for more details on this offering in coming months.

Live Web Videos

Now, while this is not a specific social media platform, it is a new technology that is becoming popular across many networks. People love to get first-hand access to what you are doing exactly when and where you are, especially if it’s exciting! Live videos can live on Instagram and Facebook, as well as YouTube. There are also some apps that allow for some branding customization, allowing you to include your logo and links. If you have a good story to tell in the video format, bring it to the airwaves!


This is another great online social media tool that puts the power in your hands. Your blog is an exceptional way to clearly define your voice and your messages exactly how you envision it. This is also a prime spot to put your best and most original content (whitepapers, Q&As with your top people, anything that showcases you in a new way), and use this site to drive traffic to your other social media hot spots.

What about you? What social media mix is right for your business? Will you be tweaking your focus in the coming year?


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