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Repurposing Blog Content for Social MediaLet’s be honest. Good content can get exhausting, especially considering all the digital places where your business now “lives”. Like most organizations, you probably have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and perhaps even a Pinterest presence, and YouTube channel. Some businesses may even have more outlets. When your audience is following you in so many spots, you have to greet them with great content. Not only does it need to be exceptional, but it also needs to be fresh and engaging. How can you keep up your stamina over all these platforms? Simply repurpose content for each outlet. Let’s look at your blog, the prime spot for amazing content that can be repurposed across all your social media channels.

Oh, all the places content can go!

While most of your audience is unlikely to visit all your media outlets, it’s still a possibility. That means you cannot copy and paste the exact same content. Instead, you’ll need to be everywhere with fresh spins on your repurposed content. Dissecting a popular post creatively and strategically in order to create small snippets is a great way to garner content that you can distribute across social media channels without being repetitive.

To get started, choose one of your most popular posts. If you hit a home run with a great blog post, you’ll know it. You’ll see it in the impressive traffic numbers, in the ample amount of feedback and conversation you’ve generated, or in the engagement (including social shares) your blog has received. Whatever the sign, choose this post as your starting point for repurposing.

Next break the post down. For example:

  • What statistics do people need to know?
  • What quotes tell the story?
  • What top things should your audience walk away with?

By breaking down the post, you’ve defined uniquely different bite-sized chunks of information. Now, you can start to find homes for these information nuggets across channels like these:

Facebook: Whether you are sharing important news, product information, or an exciting giveaway, your loyal fans are always looking to hear from you! Since the News Feed has become a crowded place, try to make your status updates visual (i.e. include a quote in a stylishly-designed graphic box) or concise text. This is not the place to paste all your blog content!

Twitter: Short, sweet, and to the point. That’s what matters here. If you have something engaging to share (i.e. powerful fact) in 120 characters and less, this is your best chance of being sharable. Make sure you link to your full blog post, too. If you want this tweet to stand out, incorporate the engaging information (or even blog post title) into an appealing image. Not sure how to make those great images you see on social media? Look to easy-to-use platforms like Pic Monkey that can create a professional visual without needed design know-how.

Pinterest: This is the prime spot for infographics and how-to visual tutorials. Take some of your most helpful blog content and create a visual that your audience needs to have as an essential reference and/or solution. In such a beautiful social media space, aesthetic is of the utmost importance. Look to tools like Infoactive and if you need help transforming your content into something stunning and shareable!

SlideShare: Do you have in-depth blog content that could be made into a presentation? If so, bring your information here and create an engaging SlideShare for your audience! (Don’t skimp on the visuals!)

YouTube: Some of your content may lend itself to a great audio-enhanced YouTube video, especially if you leverage the set-up from your SlideShare creation. Populate your YouTube channel with plenty of must-see videos that your consumers will be inspired to share with others.

Always start at the drawing board

Don’t get bogged down by all your social media channels. Instead, keep your vision focused. Brainstorm exceptional blog content that you and your customers need to know. What information can make their lives easier? What stories will inspire them, even if it’s only remotely connected to your brand? Once you have these topics, dive into your blog and uncover every nook and cranny. The more complete and exciting your blog, the more avenues you’ll have to place unique information tidbits across all your social media channels in a cohesive and fresh way.


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