Top Instagram Video and Image Apps for Business

Top Instagram Video and Image Apps for Business

By now, you are likely on Instagram for both your business and personal accounts. Instagram transforms a picture into a story, allowing your snapshot to be visible across your audiences in an interactive way. And, in today’s visual world, there are many tools that you can utilize to enhance your photos and videos on the Instagram platform to further strengthen your story. Are you ready to look like you’ve hired a professional photographer to better capture the attention of your followers?

Bringing It Up a Notch

In his Social Media Examiner article “20 Instagram Apps to Enhance Your Photos and Videos,” Thibaut Davoult presents readers with a great round up of tools that should be on your radar, quickly summarized and highlighted below.

Photo Editor by Aviary: Expanding beyond the Instagram settings and filters, Photo Editor by Aviary helps you do a variety of things to your photos such as color correction, “one-tap auto enhance,” and the addition of various things like stickers, frames, and overlays.

Afterlight: Light leaks can help you achieve an old-fashioned vintage look to your modern-day photos with this app.

Snapseed: Used by many top-notch photographers, this app provides a full range of necessary tools to make your image the most powerful, including capabilities that reduce redeye, add textured filters, and accommodate tilt shifting. It’s especially great for product and logo shots in “real life settings.”

Slow Shutter Cam: If you’re looking to achieve a cool shot (i.e. capture light trails, freeze an in-motion frame, or even snap glowing shapes floating in the night sky) with long-exposure images, use this app.

Bokehful: Have you heard of bokeh, the photo effect defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light?” This app, with its various effects (such as its heart-shaped bokeh effect), can transform your standard image into something magical.

Tiny Planet Photos: This app is unique, transforming any image into a tiny planet with an impressive fisheye-looking effect. This is also essential in capturing complete landscapes.

Quick: Simply, this app lets you add important text to your Instagram photos in a variety of fonts that align with your brand.

Facetune: If your Insta feed is people-driven with various employee and customer photos, take a look at this app that helps correct photos with a variety of options.

PicFrame: Often, one single picture fails to tell the complete story. If you need several shots to fully convey your message, consider this app that allows you to create a patchwork quilt display of images in one single shot.

CrossProcess: With every possible filter you can imagine (more than 70, to be exact), you can create the look you want of any photo, especially the traditional and nostalgic feel of Polaroid snaps.

Vintagio: Similar to above, this app is all about filters, specifically for videos. For example, if you want your video in a sepia hue, this is the tool you need.

8mm Vintage Camera: Vintage videos have a specific style filled with scratches, dust, light leaks, and flickering frames. If you need this for your own video, rely on this app to get this unique look.

A Color Story: If color is your focus of your image, check out this app that boasts “over 100 filters, 40 effects, and 20 in-app tools.”

Average Camera Pro: Sometimes the best images you need to capture are in the dark. Instead of scrapping plans to take the photo, use this app that helps boost the luminosity, especially in nightlife environments and dimly lit spots.

TiltShift Generator: Say you want to get a great outside shot of your business/landscape with a “miniature” effect. This app is for you.

DXP Free: Some brands rely on whimsical and “dream-like” photos with the help of double-exposure. This app specifically aims to create this look with its 18 compositions and various blending and mixing effects.

Superimpose: This app allows you to seamlessly achieve Photoshop-like edits on your mobile device, allowing you to do things like change the background of an image, swap faces, and blend images in unique ways. Basically, it’s a “good replacement for a green screen.”

Tangent App: Bored of the traditional Insta image backgrounds? This app allows you to mix it up with the inclusion of various shapes, fill patterns, and cool overlays.

Pxl: If you need to blur a photo (like a product logo), this app helps you break down your images with various filter options to meet your needs.

LensFlare Optical Effects: If you need your photo to have a bright sun effect, check out the 70 effects within this app to give it some extra brightness and pop.

What Instagram Video App Will You Be Downloading?

Of all these apps discussed, what will you be trying out to enhance your images and videos? Or, if you are already an Instagram pro, what apps do you love the most and why?

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