Business Check Envelopes Essentials

business check envelopesWhile you already know the efficiency of using laser checks paired with your financial accounting software, you may not have considered the additional boost that printed check envelopes can offer your business. In fact, business envelopes help you save even more time and money.

Why Business Envelopes are Essential to Your Organization

You may ask why you need business envelopes, especially if you can find some basic envelopes at your local office supply store. Simply put, in addition to streamlining your day-to-day tasks and maximizing your internal efficiencies, you get a more professional looking product that can be fully branded with your corporate or organization logo.

Which business check envelopes are right for you?

First, it is important to know what style you need. You can choose from laser check envelopes or one-write envelopes.

Laser check envelopes

Laser envelopes are compatible with your existing financial software program. In fact, we guarantee 100% compatibility with over 4,500 different software titles. How does it work? First, open up your software program (i.e. Quickbooks®), access the check program, and fill out the necessary information. Your vendor information is stored right in this software so you don’t have to dig through your paper records or address book to find it. Then, you can print the check right from your computer, and your spending is electronically tracked, eliminating the need for time-consuming (and risky) manual calculations. Now, you are ready for your envelopes.

The laser double window check envelopes are designed to allow your checks to show only the information you want to appear. Specifically, your business imprint (company name, logo, address) will show in the upper left corner, and your customer information will be displayed in the second window, located in the middle of the envelope. Once postage is added, your check is ready to mail. Don’t love the taste of envelope glue? Afraid that your envelopes may be too wet – or not moist enough? offers stress-free self-seal envelopes!

Within the laser envelope style, offers these formats to choose from:

  •  Software Business Check Compatible Envelope: Equipped with double windows, these are available in standard or self-seal options.
  • Wallet Check Compatible Envelope: These envelopes are designed specifically for our software compatible wallet checks. Ideal for paying bills, they are made with a security screen.
  • Invoice & Statement Compatible Envelopes: If you need to mail software compatible laser invoices and statements to your clients, these are the perfect envelopes for you. These contain the security screen to protect your privacy, and are also available in the self-seal option.

One-write envelopes

At, we offer one-write envelopes that are compatible with your pegboard system. In fact, our McBee® and Safeguard® envelopes are guaranteed to be 100% compatible. As part of the one-write system, these envelopes are ideal for people on the go, petty cash, or gift certificates. For example, contractors on a construction site or consultants on the road can perform accounting tasks easily and efficiently as often as they want, no matter where they are.

These envelopes have security tinting to protect the privacy of your checks, and most common business sizes are available including those for the McBee® and Safeguard® systems.

Protect your brand with business envelopes

When it comes to printed material, whether it is a check, a business card, or business envelopes – your image matters. Everything you mail, especially to clients and other vendors, should look professional. Check envelopes, paired with your laser checks, help communicate that your organization pays attention to details, no matter how small they appear to be.

If you already have a software program in place for your business, focus on ways to get the most out of your investment. customers continue to find that our laser checks and laser check envelopes save time and money. Administrative tasks, like manual billing, often involve some of the most talented people in the organization and can eat up profitability margins. When you cut back on some of these time-consuming tasks, you can focus more clearly on important projects.

Order your business envelopes today has the business envelopes you need. For over 35 years, has provided more than 500,000 businesses across the United States with printed business checks,  envelopes, and business supplies  from our printing presses in Maine. We are known for our exceptional products, fast production turnaround timing, our secure ordering process, 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction, and the lowest guaranteed prices.

If you aren’t sure exactly which envelopes you need, talk to us. Our customer service representatives can help determine the best products for your company or organization. If you find a lower price on a competitive product, tell us, and we’ll beat it by 10%. also offers unbeatable production timing, within 24-72 hours of entering our system. Expedited shipping options are available, too. Order business envelopes online or by phone from now and save!

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