Getting to Know Business Banking Starter Kits

Take a moment to stop and look at every facet of your business and you may be amazed at the many separate elements you handle each and every day. Between customers, branding strategy, acquisition plans, and important stakeholders – it can be quite a juggling act. In fact, it seems that the more we do in business, the more items we need to execute these capabilities. This is also true when it comes to financial management process. To thrive in today’s world, businesses need to be faster and smarter than ever before. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to find products and services that save time and money. Business banking starter kits are one great example. If you’re new to these products, here’s a quick overview to better understand how these kits can positively impact your bottom line.

What Are Business Banking Starter Kits Anyway?

To begin with, what types of banking supplies and accessories do you use in your organization? If your company is like most, you need plenty of business checks, expense trackers, deposit slips, and envelopes. Sadly, this can be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of banking supplies. The next question to ask is how much time is spent ordering each individual item? Do you order your checks through a bank, buy envelopes at a local big-box store, and order the remaining necessary supplies from other online vendors? If so you are spending much more time and money than need be – and wasting internal company resources. This is where banking starter kits come into play.

Starter kits are the most effective way to expedite the launch of your business or to simply bundle the products you use the most at the greatest cost savings. is known for exceptional banking starter kits, like the QuickBooks® starter kit, that include free logos and typesetting on all imprinted items. Each is backed with standard guarantees.

When choosing the best starter kit, it comes down to your specific business needs. Whether you are looking for software, deskbook, general expense, depository starter kits, or the one-write starter systems (for on-the-go business professionals), there is a solution that is best suited to meet your needs. Starter kits vary in their range of included products – from endorsement stamps and tamper-evident deposit bags to deposit slips and check registers or envelopes – so find the kit that will work best. Of course, checks including laser checks are always part of these kits.

Discovering the benefits of laser checks

The most popular business starter kits today are those that include custom laser checks. Laser checks are a powerful extension to financial accounting programs like QuickBooks® and Peachtree®. To get the most from your technology investment, you simply use laser checks to issue payments to vendors, employees, and other parties. All financial transactions are recorded and tracked immediately into the system. Printed laser checks are fully branded with company details, including logos and other graphics. Not only are business laser checks more professional than handwritten manual checks, they are also effective tools in minimizing financial error and inefficiencies. If your business often has trouble maintaining an up-to-date financial snapshot, the addition of laser checks with accounting software is a smart next step.

Once you create custom laser checks, it is easy to can take it one step further by personalizing company deposit slips, envelopes and other banking materials. The days of finding generic banking supplies from numerous places (and paying separate shipping fees) are over. Banking starter kits are designed to make life easier. All necessary banking supplies are delivered right to your front doorstop whenever you need them. Saving time and money has never been so simple!

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