Finding Small Business Success in a Technology-Based Economy

Not too long ago, business was centered solely on the process of delivering products and services to fulfill specific customer needs. It was a straightforward process and relatively easy to manage. But, over the last decade, small businesses have been called upon to become adaptable creatures.

Businesses in today’s e-commerce world are required to juggle more. From effective website creation and maintenance to social media strategic development, it can be difficult to keep pace in a technology-based economy. Smart businesses don’t face the process alone. They rely on essential tools before joining the race. Are you ready to lace up your sneakers?

Technology-based Practices for Small Business

Most small businesses are adapting to an increasingly technology-based economy. In fact, according to a recent SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard survey, published by Inc. Magazine, 76 percent say they already have adapted to the new reality. Those businesses have found that standing still and holding onto practices “that have worked in the past” just won’t work today. The survey findings specified some tools that small businesses attributed to their own improved efficiency, including:

Smart phones for instant communication (54 percent)
Online advertising (42 percent)
Online tools such as GoToMeeting or Dropbox (34 percent)
Tablets to showcase products (27 percent)

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg, however. Whether your small business sells furniture or provides housing mortgage loans, there are tools that can make your business faster, smarter, and more profitable. It all comes down to time. Your business should have the ability to contact people, access files, transfer documents, and conduct business when necessary, without lead-time or delays. If your current outdated programs don’t provide this capability, you could stall your growth potential and jeopardize your financial standing.

The Advantage of Accounting Programs and Laser Checks for Small Business

Since financial health is the backbone to small business existence, technology programs are essential. Accounting software programs were created to replace the world of hand-written ledgers and manual calculations. In just a few clicks, businesses can access all records, reports, and forecasting tools. Adding to this real-time process, laser business checks can track all transactions within the system, right as they happen. Leading provider offers checks for business in both laser and manual varieties. The laser discount business checks are compatible with 4,500 different software titles including QuickBooks and Peachtree. Technologically advanced business checks put power back into the hands of small business owners. This complete financial visibility allows organizations to make informed and smart decisions about next steps, ranging from expansion to new product creation.

Choose Technology that Makes Sense

While accounting programs (paired with business checks) are universally needed among organizations, not all efficiency tools will make sense for every small business. Succeeding in a technology-based economy will always start with a deep understanding of your own business. Owners should dive into every corner of the organization and understand its pain-points. Where is time wasted? Where is money being lost? These questions will shed light on where your business needs help. Never make your “wish list” for technology tools based on what looks good or seems exciting. If it can’t help your business directly, it’s a meaningless investment.

Today’s economy will continue to change daily, sometimes in drastic ways. It’s essential that small businesses embrace this fact with flexibility and a willingness to look at things in an entirely new way. If a new technology tool can help your business, it deserves real consideration. Running outside of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable, but this long-distance journey depends on adaptability. Keep those sneaker soles strong and discover new paths along the way.


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