Is Your Blog Exciting Enough?

How to create exciting blog content

It’s one thing to have a blog and entirely another thing to have a blog that people want to visit. If you feel like you still aren’t attracting the number of eyes on your posts that you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to kick up your blog content a notch!

The Perfect Blog Content Recipe

In his Kissmetrics blog “The Nine Ingredients That Make Great Content,” Zach Bulygo talks about strategies to make your blog content go the extra mile. His components are summarized in brief top-line highlights below.

Original Content

This one is really simple. Your company is original and your posts should reflect this. Your insights, experiences, and solutions are unique to you and this is exactly what you need to let your visitors see. If you are not providing useful content, there is no point of posting it. Instead, focus on valuable content that will strengthen your brand and your visibility. Lastly, remember that Google will punish people that copy content from other sites!

STRONG Headlines

According to Copyblogger: “80% of people will read your headlines but only 20% of those people will read the rest of your content.” Therefore, don’t bury your lead! Define what your article is all about in a way that explains why people have to read it and transform this into a catchy headline to draw them in.

Actionable Content

When you provide people with information, you are likely only taking the first step. Your readers may think so what? Take it further and give your readers actionable advice on how they can use this information to improve their situation or solve their problem. People love to follow step-by-step solutions if it will benefit them.

Give Answers

Typically, people don’t read blogs for complete fun. There is usually an end goal in mind, and more often than not, it’s about finding answers. And, they want these answers fast. Since you are on the clock like never before with short attention spans, highlight these answers very clearly! People want to make sure the pay off will be there before they read past the sub-headline.

Abide by Accuracy

In a world dominated by the discussions of “fake news,” ensure that your information is always complete and 100% accurate. Site your trusted sources correctly, verify your statistics, and link to authoritative sites that prove your story. People depend on you for complete transparency and it can deeply damage your brand if you are caught in any kind of deliberate mistruth.

Create Thought Provoking Content

How do you leave your readers thinking about your blog long after they’ve read it? How do you make them want more? You need to tap into the all-elusive engagement factor. Draw them in with a solid introduction and tell them why they will care, tell amazing stories, and leave them with questions and feedback that start up a discussion in the comments section. Make them want to be a part of your narrative.

Add Images and Videos

Some people are visual learners so illustrate your content with exciting and relevant charts, videos, and other images. Remember to make these components unique to your brand when at all possible and take your own photos and video.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Eliminate the stuffing to your content and make the true point your shining star.

Update and Refresh!

A few stellar blog posts are great, but you’ll need to repeat that time and time again. If your blog isn’t continually updated, people won’t think twice to give you another shot. Map out a calendar of upcoming posts, obviously switching things up a bit if a timely news story breaks.

Taking It to Your Blog

Once you have your original and engaging content that you are truly passionate about, don’t forget about the execution. Make sure everything is spelled correctly, grammatically correct, and proofread. Once it’s published, put it in all your social media spots and drive traffic to your exceptional blog!

Are there any additional tips you’d like to share about making a blog a success?


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