Why email Marketing is More Important Than Ever

Why email is Back and More Important Ever
With the rapid ascension of social media and interactive engagement, popular opinion claimed that email marketing is dead. Not so fast. Email marketing is not only very much alive, it’s kicking! Email is an essential way to strengthen your brand, build customer relationships, and improve your marketing ROI.

Eliminating Costly email Marketing Mistakes

In her Search Engine Journal article “7 Ways You Screw Up Your Email Marketing,” Reshu Rathi first explores the importance of email marketing. According to Email Expert, every $1 spent on email marketing brings about an average return on investment of $44.25. Additionally, people that are motivated to buy products through email offers spend about 138% more than people who had empty inboxes.

If you aren’t seeing that kind of ROI, than Rathi suspects there may be some missteps. Generally summarized below, here are some top mistakes:

Burying the lead: You may have the best and most powerful email offer out there. It might even be irresistible. But, if you write a bad lead, no one is going to know that! If you take the time to strengthen your subject line, you may potentially increase your open rate by 203%. Need some tips? Try to aim for seven words, make it personal, and use a recognizable/familiar sender name. And, keep A/B testing your subject lines to better gauge what works and what doesn’t.

Ineffective segmenting: Did you know that 42% of marketers do not send targeted email messages and only 4% use layered targeting? Email blasts are certainly a thing of the past and a major faux pas. If you want people to open your messages (and seal the deal on that transaction), talk to them. Like a good suit, tailor your messages and outreach to the different unique segments within your target audience.

Lack of value: If you want your customer to act, you need to make it worth it. Boost your chances of conversion with an offer that they actually need and want.

Cloudy goal posts: You know what a call to action is, but how many do you think you need in one email? If the answer is more than one, it’s time to narrow your focus. Too many requested actions confuse your audience, but a clearly defined CTA may potentially increase clicks by 371% and increase sales by an impressive 1617%. Decide what you are really after and design your CTA around that.

Superfluous words: First, remember that most of your audience is checking email on their mobile devices, so the screen is going to be small. Don’t overwhelm that small space and your customers with lengthy text. Get straight to the point in a visually engaging way.

Bad timing: If you think the timing of day doesn’t impact your email campaign, consider that a couple hours can make all the difference. For example, The Grommet A/B tested its timing and found that a 10 a.m. email vs. a noon distribution “resulted in a 14% lift in revenue per email.” Get to know your audience to best pinpoint your perfect timing.

The over-sell: While customers love to buy, they will run away fast at a hard sell. While selling will always be part of your business, think of all the other reasons why it’s worthwhile to reach out to your loyal audience. You can inform them, entertain them, and help them. Once you establish your value beyond the hard sell, the sales will come.
Launching Your email Marketing Campaign

Now that you have some great tips at hand, think about all the things that your audience needs to know and would benefit from with a solid combination of information, entertainment, and impossible-to-resist promotions. Then, map out the upcoming six months with unique email campaigns that are finely tuned to your target audience.

Are there any other tips that you think should be included in this round up? We’d love to hear them!

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