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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us


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Imprint Information

About Us

How long has been in business?
Family owned and operated, has been in business for more than 35 years. Located in Portland, Maine, the company serves small businesses nationwide with printed financial products. (Return to Top)

Customer Service Return Policy is proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you order from us, you have no risk involved. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, just return your items within 90 days from delivery. We will we will refund your money, remake your order or credit your account. No questions asked. We do not charge any restocking fees, but you will be responsible for the return shipping at your own cost. If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us immediately. (Return to Top)

Where can I send feedback on checks and service?
We welcome your feedback on our products and services. You can call us directly at 800.245.5775 or you can send us an email with your comments. (Return to Top)

How do I contact
To contact us via phone, call us at 800.245.5775.
To contact us via fax, dial 800.893.0177.
To contact us by regular mail, write to:
200 Riverside Industrial Parkway
Portland, ME 04103
You can email us at
You can also chat live with a customer service representative. (Return to Top)

How can I get a catalog of products?
You can request a catalog through our online request form, you can send us an email, or you can call us at 800.245.5775 and speak with one of our customer service representatives. (Return to Top)

What is Check 21?
Check 21 is a federal law written to make the check processing system more efficient. Using electronic images, the need to physically transfer the check from one financial institution to another is eliminated. This system places certain requirements on the design, print quality and MICR encoding on banking products. All of our products have been tested to be fully compliant with Check 21. (Return to Top)

Are my checks Check 21 compliant?
Yes. All of our checks are Check 21 compliant. (Return to Top)

What if I need technical support?
Technical support for this website is offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm EST. You may reach our customer service technical support staff by calling 800.245.5775 or you may email us with your questions. (Return to Top)

What do you do with my customer information? is committed to protecting your private information. We use the information collected about you to process orders and to provide a more personalized shopping experience. may also use your information to communicate with you about products, services and future promotions. For the purposes of check verification and fraud prevention, exchanges information about our customers internally and among our banking affiliates.

Names and other information that are received by through a financial institution are not shared with or rented to nonaffiliated third parties except for the purpose of fulfilling our contracts with financial institutions or as otherwise required by law. will never share customer information, including names and mailing addresses, with third parties. (Return to Top)

What do I do if my order was incorrectly printed? is proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you order from us, you have no risk involved. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, we will refund your money, remake your order or credit your account. No questions asked. If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us immediately. (Return to Top)

What if I need to change my order after it is placed on the web?
Our fast turn-around time enables us to take your check order from entry process to press in 24 to 72 hours. You must contact us immediately if you would like to change your order, regardless of the ordering method. (Return to Top)

Speak Spanish? / Hablan español?
To place an order with a customer service representative who speaks Spanish please call 207-329-6315

Para hacer un pedido con un representante de servicio al cliente que habla español por favor llame 207-329-6315 (Return to Top)


How can I order with
Ordering with has never been easier!
To order online, visit
To order via phone, call us at 800.245.5775
To order via fax and mail, download our order form
Fax to 800-893-0177
Mail to:
200 Riverside Industrial Parkway
Portland, ME 04103 (Return to Top)

Where can I find available product colors and pricing?
Our product pricing and color availabilities can be found here. (Return to Top)

What are your accepted payment methods?
Our accepted payment methods are: check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or you can make your payment in person at our Portland, Maine facility. Starting in August of 2006, we will accept ACH Debit cards. (Return to Top)

How do I order by mail?
To order by mail, you will need to download an order form or use one you currently have. (Return to Top)

How do I submit my order form?
Your paper order form can be faxed or mailed. Please view our contact information for the number and address. You can also submit your order through our secure website. (Return to Top)

What do you need to print checks for first time orders?
For new accounts, we need a completed order form. We also need to know what software you are using, how many checks you need, your color choice, and the starting number. (Return to Top)

How can I make sure my new checks will match my bank’s specifications? has a 100% financial institution compatibility guarantee. Our state of the art MICR matching system ensures readability by all financial institutions. If, for any reason, your bank refuses your checks, immediately contact (Return to Top)

Can I receive a proof?
Yes, a faxed or emailed proof is available upon request for no additional charge. Remember, proofs will increase production time. Our website is designed to offer proofs of your imprinted products in real time. (Return to Top)

Why am I getting charged sales tax?
We are required by law to charge sales tax to our customers who have a Maine delivery address. All other delivery addresses will not be charged sales tax. (Return to Top)

What if my business has tax exempt status?
If your business has a tax exempt status, please fax or email us a copy of your valid state certificate. Once this information is on file, you will not be charged sales tax. If you have a tax exempt status and are placing an order for the first time, please indicate your tax exempt status on the order form or call 800.245.5775 so we may process your order accordingly. Reorders will then have your tax exempt status on file. (Return to Top)

What if I accidentally place a duplicate order?
While we have tried to set up our site so that duplicate orders do not happen, we understand nothing is perfect. If you place a duplicate order, please contact so we may delete the order and process only your original order. (Return to Top)

How soon will I receive my order?
Our standard production time is 3-5 days, not including weekends and holidays. Shipping time is additional to production time. Click here to see a UPS Ground Map of delivery times. (Return to Top)

What if I need my order faster?
Standard production time is 3-5 days, not including shipping time. If you need your order faster than our standard delivery time, you may choose from our expedited in-plant rush services and expedited shipping services listed below. Expedited services are available for both new orders and reorders. Click here to see our shipping costs. (Return to Top)

Will notify me that my order has been received?
Immediately after you place your order, you will be transferred to the order confirmation page that you can print to verify and record your order details. We will also send you a confirmation email as soon as your order is processed online. (Return to Top)

Will notify me that my order has shipped?
Yes. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email that includes your UPS tracking number. You can track your order by logging in and visiting the Order Status Page. (Return to Top)

How can I check the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order under the Order Status page of our website. Here, you can enter your order number and billing zip code or your routing number and account number to check where your order is in the production process. (Return to Top)

Can I cancel an order I placed online?
You can cancel an order that you have placed online by contacting immediately. (Return to Top)

What does single, duplicate, triplicate, 4-"parts" mean?
This refers to the number of successive copies you will receive. Manual check/deposit parts are printed on 20 lb. Bond paper. Continuous check parts are printed on carbonless paper. Laser checks and deposits use a separate sheet for each part. Standard color order for "parts" is white, canary, pink, and goldenrod. (Return to Top)

What does “Reverse Collated” Mean?
Reverse collation means the last number of your checks will be on top. Normal collation means your checks will be in order with the lowest starting number on top. (Return to Top)


Can I use my own company logo?
You can easily add your own company logo to the product you are personalizing, or you can choose from our Standard Logo or Monogram Logo files. Best of all, black and white logos are free! (Return to Top)

Can I use a home or business-oriented logo or a monogram logo?
Our Standard Logo database contains thousands of home and small business logo options.

A Monogram Logo is an artistic, stylized letter used to enhance the appearance of your products, invoices, business cards, letterhead, or stationery envelopes. We have four unique monogram styles to choose from, and any letter of the alphabet can be used as your Monogram Logo. (Return to Top)

How do I upload my Logo to
During the product customization process, you will be asked if you would like to add a logo to your product. Follow these steps to upload your logo:

  1. Click on Upload Logo to include your own logo.
  2. Click Browse to select a logo from your computer files.
  3. Select the logo file and click Upload Logo and Continue. Your file will then be uploaded and converted so you can continue to place your order.
Once you have uploaded your logo to and placed an order using the logo, it will be saved indefinitely on your My Account page for future orders. (Return to Top)

What do I do if my logo does not upload?
During Upload Logo and Continue, you may receive a message that your logo can't be uploaded. If you receive this message, please do the following:

  1. Verify that your logo is in an acceptable file size and format for use on our Web site. (300 dpi, in Adobe Illustrator (eps, ai), Adobe Photoshop (psd), Tag Image File Format (tif), Bitmap (bmp), or Portable Network Graphic (png) formats)
  2. After verifying your logo meets our specifications, please try uploading again.
  3. If you still encounter problems, we can help troubleshoot the process with you or we may have you send the logo in a separate email. Please contact customer service at 800.245.5775 or chat with us if you have problems uploading your logo.
  4. Once we receive your order, we will attach your logo file to the order for you.
(Return to Top)

Once I upload my logo will it be saved on for future use?
Once you have successfully uploaded your logo and placed your order on, it will be saved indefinitely for future orders. (Return to Top)

What are the different logo formats you accept?
We accept common "bitmap" formats - EPS, TIF, JPG, GIF, PSD, BMP, and PNG. We do not recommend using logos in MS Word/Excel/Power Point or Web site images; they are usually low resolution images (less than 300 dpi) for monitor viewing only. These images are not designed for printing. (Return to Top)

What is a bitmap image?
Bitmap images are made up of dots or pixels of color in a grid. All these tiny dots of color come together to form the images you see. Bitmap images are resolution dependant. Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image and is usually stated in dpi (dots per inch). The typical computer monitor has 72 or 96 pixels per inch, depending on your monitor and screen settings. (Return to Top)

What does dots per inch (DPI) mean?
DPI stands for dots per inch, or the number of dots of ink that fill a linear inch of surface. DPI is used to measure printing resolution -- the higher the dots per inch, the better the resolution and the better the image quality. For example, if an image has a resolution of 300dpi, it means that a square inch of solid color will be filled with about 90,000 (300X300) dots of ink. (Return to Top)

What is the acceptable logo resolution, color and size?
Logo resolution should be at least 600 dots per inch (dpi) or 600 X 600 pixels. The height of the image, in relation to the dpi, should be at least one inch. This will ensure that your image will not lose printing quality if it is scaled to fit the product you have ordered. If the resolution of your logo does not meet these requirements, it may print poorly. If you use a bitmap image, make sure it at least 600 X 600 pixels.

Logo file size acceptable by is a maximum of 4 megabytes.

Logo color must be black and white, unless you are having a color logo printed. Grayscale or color logos may produce unpredictable results when converted to one color for printing. To convert a grayscale or color logo to black and white, please consult the help files of your graphic design software, or contact your graphic artist for assistance. (Return to Top)

How do I know my logo meets your resolution requirements?
This can be done in three steps:

  1. Note the pixel height and width dimensions of your image. Your graphics design software can help you determine this. (For example: Your image has pixel dimensions of 900 x 1,200 pixels.)
  2. Divide the height and width by 600 (For example: After dividing the 900 X 1,200 dimension above by 600 the result is 1.5" x 2".)
  3. Compare dimension as arrived at in step 2 with 1.5" x 1.5". If your image dimensions as calculated are 1.5" x 1.5" or larger, your image is good for producing best quality printing, as it exceeds the minimum height of one inch.
(Return to Top)

Can reduce or enlarge the size of my logo?
Logo files cannot be enlarged successfully unless they are of very high resolution (600 dpi or more). will size your image according to the space available on the item you are purchasing. We do not differentiate between the logo and the white space surrounding it. If your logo appears too small, you could have too much white space around your logo image. If you think this may be the problem, we suggest that you crop your image very close to the edges of the logo and upload it again. (Return to Top)

Can print my color logo?
Yes. Standard ink colors are available in Black, Blue, Green, Burgundy, Red, Purple, Gray, Yellow and Tan.

We offer two different printing options:

  1. All Black
  2. Multi-color printing using any combination of standard ink colors. For Example: Purple and Green logo and Black text or Black logo and Purple text.
Please contact us for a color logo custom quote. (Return to Top)

What is the cost of a colored logo?
Each logo is different in size, complexity source file, number of colors, etc. Therefore, we work directly with each customer to determine a printing price for colored logos. Please contact our customer service department at 800.245.5775, send an email or chat with us to get a quote for your custom color logo. (Return to Top)

What do I do if I have multiple images or text in my logo graphic file?
To eliminate the possibility of printing your order with the wrong logo, we cannot process files where multiple images or layers are contained within a single file. Please revise your file using your graphics design software so that only one high-resolution image is included. (Return to Top)

While is waiting for my logo, can the rest of my order be processed?
We cannot release your Order to Production until the entire order is complete, including receipt of your logo. To ensure that you receive all your products as quickly as possible, please forward us your logo as quickly as you can. (Return to Top)

Can use my logo from a previous phone or mail-in order so I don’t have to resend the graphic file?
If you placed a phone order with your logo over the past two years, your logo has been automatically saved on so you don't need to resend the file.

To access your logo to place an order on, you will need to contact customer service at 800.245.5775 or chat with us now. (Return to Top)

Security Information

Is ordering checks online safe?
We know how important security is to our customers. Our site uses Hacker Safe systems along with Secure SSL technology to ensure your information is safeguarded against fraud. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau Online, an organization noted for its expertise and experience in conducting successful national self-regulation programs--the Council of Better Business Bureaus. The mission of BBB Online is to promote trust and confidence on the Internet by advocating ethical online business practices. We use a secure server for all online transactions. In addition, we have set up security checkpoints in the ordering process, such as verifying your bank routing number, for extra protection. (Return to Top)

What security features to prevent fraud are included in my checks?
All of our checks exceed the security guidelines set by the industry and by the Check Payments Systems Association. Our checks feature security pantographs to limit reproducibility, MicroPrinted Signature lines that are too small to be reproduced by a scanner, just to name two features. To view more of our security features, click here. (Return to Top)

How does prevent fraud on new orders?
Our system checks for combinations of common elements of fraudulent orders: changes in the ship to address on reorders; different ship to, imprint and billing information; and deliveries to Post Office boxes and other non-physical addresses. Credit cards go through an Address Verification Services to verify the name and address on the card. (Return to Top)

Imprint Information

How many lines of information are allowed on checks?
A maximum of 5 lines are allowed on each check. The character amount depends on the font and the font size. For exact specifications, our website has been designed to notify you if your font and size selections will not print properly to fit in a double window envelope. Logos can affect available imprint space, and we will design your checks to best fit your logo with your imprint. (Return to Top)

What customization is allowed for my check?
You are allowed to choose different fonts for your imprint. You are allowed to choose from normal font, bold font, italic font and font size. You are also allowed to add a logo for no additional charge. If you’d like, we will completely design your imprint and software layout for free! (Return to Top)

Can you print my company logo on my checks?
Yes, we can! We do not charge a logo fee or a set up fee—your logo placement is free. You can send the artwork as a black and white copy, in a .tif, or a .bmp file extension. Please remember that color images and images pulled from the internet may not reproduce well. We also have a complete set of stock logos that you can add to your checks for free. Follow this link to see our online catalog of stock logos. (Return to Top)

Can you incorporate my company colors into my checks?
For a custom quote to produce your logo in color, please contact us. (Return to Top)

Will the colors of my checks match the colors on my screen?
The colors should closely match; however, the colors you see on your screen may vary from the colors of your check due to monitor and browser settings. (Return to Top)

What does “Edit As Group” mean?
When you select to edit your items as a group, you will edit each line with the same font size and font options. The first line of imprint sets the default for the other lines. Editing as a group saves time when you want each line of imprint to look the same. (Return to Top)

How do I adjust my printer setup for printing QuickBooks Compatible forms?
Sometimes checks and deposits don't print the same for all users. This is because each printer pulls the paper a bit differently, therefore, what may line up perfectly for one user may be slightly off for another. QuickBooks allows for you to adjust for this common problem. Please follow the instructions below to adjust your printing to work with your QuickBooks compatible documents:

  1. Go to File and click on Printer Setup
  2. In the upper-left hand side of the screen click on Form Name then on Check, Deposit or applicable form.
  3. If a check, go to the check style: Standard, Voucher or Wallet.
  4. On the right-hand side of the screen you will see a column of buttons, starting with OK, click on Align at the bottom.
  5. Adjust as much as needed, then print a test on white paper.
  6. Align this test with your actual form up to a window to be sure the alignment worked. Adjust as necessary.
  7. Select OK to save and OK to leave the setup
(Return to Top)

Rush & Shipping Information

How will you calculate my shipping charges?
We calculate your shipping charges based on the order total. Click here to view our shipping rates. (Return to Top)

What is your standard method of shipping?
Our standard method of shipping is UPS Ground. (Return to Top)

What kind of rush services do you offer?
We offer in-plant rushes and shipping rushes to expedite your order. It is not always beneficial to select both of these options. Please consider where you live and when you need the checks before selecting your rush options. (Return to Top)

What expedited shipping services do you offer?
If you need to get your checks faster, we can ship part of your order using expedited shipping. Click here to view our shipping rates. (Return to Top)

If I choose the expedited delivery (shipping) option, will my entire order be shipped this way?
Only the items you designate will be expedited. For example, if you ordered checks and deposit tickets, you could get the checks or the deposit tickets or both rush shipped. We also offer a partial shipment for emergency situations if you need to immediately write checks and cannot wait until your entire order arrives. (Return to Top)

What if I want my checks shipped to a different address?
You can ship your checks to a different address as long as we have validated your account. (Return to Top)

Why did my items arrive on different days?
Checks and accessories are sometimes packaged separately, making it possible for your items to arrive on different days. All items of your complete order should arrive within a few days of each other. If they do not, please contact us. (Return to Top)

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